Water Well Pump Systems

Water well pump systems are part of your well and need to be maintained to ensure that you are getting the best water possible for your family. At Triad Drillers we offer pump system installation, repairs and services. Our team of trained professionals will make sure that your pump system is working at it’s best.

Top Water Well Pump FAQs:

1. My water well is working fine, why should I have it inspected?

Sometimes there are issues that you can’t see. It is good to have your well inspected so that you can get ahead of any problems that may arise. It is always better to prevent than to treat after the fact.

2. My pump isn’t working, why is that?

It could be a simple electrical issue. Try turning the pump off and then back on. If that doesn’t work you can give us a call and we would be happy to come look at it and diagnose the problem.

3. Where is my well pump located?

Most pumps are located in the well.

4. How long does a well pump last?

Most well pumps last about 10-15 years.

Questions to ask when choosing a well pump system

  • How Deep is Your Well?
  • How much horsepower do you need?

Types of Well Pump Systems

  • Single Drop Jet-Pump System for Shallow Wells
  • Double Drop Jet-Pump System for Deep Wells
  • Submersible Pump System for Deep Wells