Well Repairs & Services

At Triad Drillers we offer many services for your water well. It is important that your well is working properly and at it's best so that you and your family can enjoy fresh clean water. Let us help you will all of your well problems and maintenance!

Top Water Well Problems:

1. Cloudy/Dirty Water

This could mean that your pump isn't filtering properly. It could also indicate broken water pipes which would allow sediment to enter your water supply.

2. Low Water Pressure

First, make sure that your shut-off valve is all the way open. If that is not the problem it could mean that your electric motor needs to be replaced.

3. Sputtering Water

This could mean that there is a crack in your pipes that is letting in air. It could also mean that your pump isn't working correctly and needs to be looked at.

4. Poor Tasting/Smelling Water

This could be a hardware issue. If your pipes are old and corroded, it can cause the water to smell or taste bad. It could also be from other problems and we would recommend having your water tested.

5. Hard Water

This just means that your water has high levels of calcium and magnesium. To minimize this you can add a salt-free water softener to your filtration system.

Services we offer:

  • Water Testing
  • Pump Inspection
  • Well Maintenance